Don’t Wear the Green On Your Teeth!

West Virginia-based dentist Dr. RobertMartino says the dye from a green beer canbadly stain your expensive dental work –something he’s seen many times with hisown post-St. Paddy patients. Beer from a straw? Martino says drinking through a straw as you would drink lemonade is a plus because the straw preventsliquid from directly contacting the chompers.… Read more about Don’t Wear the Green On Your Teeth!

COVID-19 Myths

We just finished our vaccine series, and we had no notable side effects. We both had minor injection site soreness, and I felt achy and tired for 12 hours that day. But perfectly normal after the 12 hours. No biggie. I suggest you get the vaccine whenever it becomes available to you. As more and more… Read more about COVID-19 Myths

Is My Tooth Abscessed?

I hope you never have this in your lifetime. However, you should know the symptoms, if not for yourself, for your loved ones. It is not unusual for an abscessed tooth to fail to present any symptoms. However, routine X-ray exams may reveal an abscess before you even experience pain. An abscessed tooth is an… Read more about Is My Tooth Abscessed?

Brush Your Tongue?

Your tongue is not smooth. It has crevices and uneven surfaces, making it the perfect target for biofilm and its bacteria. If you brush twice a day and floss once a day, you may not be cleaning your mouth as well as you could. Whether tongue brushing is it to prevent bad breath or for… Read more about Brush Your Tongue?

Beware of “Mask Mouth”

During the pandemic, we have been wearing masks over our mouths to prevent the virus’s spread. We have noticed several behaviors related to the face coverings that may lead to oral health problems. The term “meth mouth” is a name used by dentists to depict methamphetamine users. Users often have sugar-cravings, teeth grinding, and jaw… Read more about Beware of “Mask Mouth”