Near Death from False Teeth

a 75-year-old man in China, nearly choked to death after accidentally swallowing his dentures while eating. His family rushed Benbiao to the hospital after noticing he had trouble breathing. According to news reports, the false teeth were stuck in his throat for eight hours before being removed during a lengthy emergency surgery.

Teens Lips Go Viral

A new Lip Challenge has teens girls posting videos on YouTube and TikToc of themselves gluing their upper lips with different adhesives to achieve perfect pouts and puckers. The girls show themselves putting nail, eyelash, and other types of glue on their upper lips. Once theĀ  lip gets “tacky dry,” the girls stick it to… Read more about Teens Lips Go Viral

Pass the Antioxidants, Please.

Good news!! Antioxidants are the natural defense system in our body. What does the term Free Radical mean? Without getting too scientific, oxygen molecules that split into single atoms have no paired electron. These solo atoms, known as free radicals, can bind with other electrons. There are many types of free radicals. However, too many… Read more about Pass the Antioxidants, Please.