Your Zoom Appearance

Cosmetic procedures have risen since the pandemic. Virtual meetings and high social media engagement levels, like Instagram, Facetime, and Zoom meetings, has correlated with body dissatisfaction. According to a study done by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Inc., the authors found an increase in cosmetic procedures since the country has opened… Read more about Your Zoom Appearance

Smile–It’s Good for You

While reading this blog, put a big smile on your face—an authentic genuine smile. Pretend you are seeing a friend after several years—that kind of smile.

Don’t Wear the Green On Your Teeth!

West Virginia-based dentist Dr. RobertMartino says the dye from a green beer canbadly stain your expensive dental work –something he’s seen many times with hisown post-St. Paddy patients. Beer from a straw? Martino says drinking through a straw as you would drink lemonade is a plus because the straw preventsliquid from directly contacting the chompers.… Read more about Don’t Wear the Green On Your Teeth!

COVID-19 Myths

We just finished our vaccine series, and we had no notable side effects. We both had minor injection site soreness, and I felt achy and tired for 12 hours that day. But perfectly normal after the 12 hours. No biggie. I suggest you get the vaccine whenever it becomes available to you. As more and more… Read more about COVID-19 Myths