Stephanie Rooney Rocks

  This bubbly lady is one of our “can’t wait to see” patients. We have known her since she was a nine-year-old little girl. She has grown up before our very eyes and now is the proud mama of two; Ryan is 14, and Taylor is 7. They have been our patients their entire lives.… Read more about Stephanie Rooney Rocks

Pattie Jackson-November 2019

Pattie has been our patients for several years and we love her fun-loving personality. She comes loyally for her bi-annual exams so that we can help keep her teeth healthy. An Experienced Real Estate Consultant Pattie Jackson loves being a Real Estate Consultant and especially loves staging her own houses. She has had a successful business… Read more about Pattie Jackson-November 2019

Katie Krisher-October 2019

We have known this bubbly fun person for over 15 years–and so, just like she feels, she seems like a friend or family member. Her laugh and personality leave us happy all day long. A Die Hard Dawg Fan who is a Stand-up Comedian for Fun Katie works in sales at Georgia Pacific but loves… Read more about Katie Krisher-October 2019

Karen Gyatt-August 2019

Say “Hi” to a Wonderful Person It is a blessing to us that this talented and loving lady travels a long way to stay in our dental family even though she is busy giving of herself in beautiful ways. She is an Author! She has a full-time job as a Manager, Accountant, and Administrator, and… Read more about Karen Gyatt-August 2019

Teens Lips Go Viral

A new Lip Challenge has teens girls posting videos on YouTube and TikToc of themselves gluing their upper lips with different adhesives to achieve perfect pouts and puckers. The girls show themselves putting nail, eyelash, and other types of glue on their upper lips. Once the  lip gets “tacky dry,” the girls stick it to… Read more about Teens Lips Go Viral