Beware of “Mask Mouth”

During the pandemic, we have been wearing masks over our mouths to prevent the virus’s spread. We have noticed several behaviors related to the face coverings that may lead to oral health problems. The term “meth mouth” is a name used by dentists to depict methamphetamine users. Users often have sugar-cravings, teeth grinding, and jaw… Read more about Beware of “Mask Mouth”

ZOOM and your Confidence

COVID-19 has brought many changes to our working and social lives. While we are out, we wear masks, hiding our smiles, but not at home in video chat rooms. Many apps, such as Google Hangouts and ZOOM are acquiring new members. Out of necessity, our lives have migrated online during the pandemic. People are spending… Read more about ZOOM and your Confidence

Tooth Fairy Corner

The Tooth Fairy has been putting money under the pillows of children in exchange for a lost tooth for many years. She has seen many baby teeth and has great info about their care during the years. She has also picked up many facts about adult teeth. She has agreed to take time to answer… Read more about Tooth Fairy Corner