The Power of the String

Nick Jonas, the teenage heart-throb, had a piece of spinach stuck in his teeth at the latest Grammy show performance. His fans couldn’t stop tweeting about it. Had he unleashed the string’s power, he wouldn’t have had all the negative comments about his less than impeccable appearance that evening. Even though you may not have… Read more about The Power of the String

Decrease Your Chances of Diabetes

Brushing Three Times a Day According to a new study conducted in Seoul, South Korea, if you brush your teeth three times a day you may decrease your chance of developing¬† Diabetes. The researchers analyzed the subjects’ oral hygiene behaviors, like the frequency of brushing their teeth, their dental history, and when and why they… Read more about Decrease Your Chances of Diabetes

Dealing With Stress During the Pandemic

“It just goes to show you, If it’s not one thing, it’s another,” commented Roseann Roseanna Danna, a character portrayed by Gilda Radner on SNL. But, “just because the universe has already sent us one significant stress doesn’t mean we won’t have others.” says Dr. Harriet Lerner, psychologist, and author.

Covid-19 Temporary Hours

Our Hours Have Changed We have been hearing about the COVID-19 virus for weeks now from many sources. The press has confounded the information to the degree that it is near impossible to determine what to do. If I wasn’t clear in my first email, I am taking this virus seriously; If I sounded flippant,… Read more about Covid-19 Temporary Hours