Smile More. Stress Less

Smiling can bring you health benefits even if you don’t start out feeling happy. So, next time you’re so frustrated you feel like gritting your teeth, try grinning instead

Lexi Meihofer

Lexi is a senior at Walton High School who aspires to be a director. She will go to Georgia State in the fall to receive a degree in film and media.

Near Death from False Teeth

a 75-year-old man in China, nearly choked to death after accidentally swallowing his dentures while eating. His family rushed Benbiao to the hospital after noticing he had trouble breathing. According to news reports, the false teeth were stuck in his throat for eight hours before being removed during a lengthy emergency surgery.

Stephanie Rooney Rocks

  This bubbly lady is one of our “can’t wait to see” patients. We have known her since she was a nine-year-old little girl. She has grown up before our very eyes and now is the proud mama of two; Ryan is 14, and Taylor is 7. They have been our patients their entire lives.… Read more about Stephanie Rooney Rocks