Pass the Antioxidants, Please.

Good news!! Antioxidants are the natural defense system in our body. What does the term Free Radical mean? Without getting too scientific, oxygen molecules that split into single atoms have no paired electron. These solo atoms, known as free radicals, can bind with other electrons. There are many types of free radicals. However, too many… Read more about Pass the Antioxidants, Please.

Dentistry is a Partnership

  Your dental care is our #1 priority. We base our treatment recommendations on that of the American Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry. When we visually examine your mouth, we can only see half of the picture. We cannot see what lies beneath the gums. That is the reason x-rays are so… Read more about Dentistry is a Partnership

Whitening Your Teeth-The First Step to An Enhanced Smile

Take the First Step to a Great Smile Since your teeth are the central feature of your face, they reflect your deepest emotions instantly, without giving any notice. It is a privilege to be able to express feelings without restraint or concern for how your teeth appear. A “throw your head back in laughter wide-open”… Read more about Whitening Your Teeth-The First Step to An Enhanced Smile